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Hi, I'm Ami.

Founder of ATDS, adventurer, nerd, and your digital event marketing specialist.

What started as a desire to have more freedom and flexibility over my time has turned into a rewarding career. I have always been creative, maybe in unorthodox ways, but I feel as if I never quite fit into my niche. I didn't love to paint, and I wasn't the best at drawing, but I always loved computers. Growing up I was homeschooled, and that allowed me to be curious and dive deep into the tricks and codes of the internet. Fast forward to discovering creative outlets online, where you can make a vision come to life, and I was hooked.

Now I want to share my passion with entrepreneurs; those who have the same desire for freedom, and need some help to get jump started into the career of their dreams. In today's day and age, there's no avoiding having well thought out, aligned marketing plan across all of your outlets. I know a lot of people can feel lost and not sure where to start.

Take a deep breath.

Let me be your one-stop shop for taking care of all your digital needs to make your brand stand out. Whether its social media management, brand redesign, a new website, or all three! I am your partner in making that happen. Even if you are looking for some direction or have general questions about your business and branding, click below to book a 1:1 zoom session with me so we can get you headed in the right direction.

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We would work great together if you are...

Small business owner or individual

You are either just starting out, or have been at a steady state for a long time and looking for something fresh to attract new clientele. 


You are eager to put more into your business and to hand over the reigns, relax, and trust me to guide you through the entire process. 

In it to win it

We don't do things halfway here, so you are ready to dive in with both feet and invest in creating the brand of your dreams. 

need some more convincing?

ready to get to work?

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